"It was very inspirational to witness young men and women perform a hard sacrifice of a 60-mile (Auriesville) pilgrimage through the Adirondacks with the hills and rain. Just to let you know it was also very sobering to see their teachers walking alongside their students supplying support and enduring the same hardships ... All the years I spent in public school I never witnessed the same teacher-student relationship. So, I thank you and all the priests for considering me to help out. God Bless you and all pilgrims!" - Glenn and Annette Burriello

"I am blessed to be in the position to sponsor you again this year... Joseph has returned to Benedictine for his second year and has been so well prepared by BVM for the challenge.  He took the CLEP test for English and was able to receive credit for that requirement...a testament to your ... influence! I've enjoyed reading about the changes out there via the newsletters and we pray for your continued success." -M. Grahek

"Great school, beautiful chapel, fantastic priests!" - Pat K.

"This is the school ... I loved it" - Denise D.

"Traditional Catholic Mass and school. A treasure!" - Vinny F.