Fr. Richard Boyle

He hails from a military family in New Jersey where he was home-schooled until 8th grade.  Following this formation he attended our SSPX boarding school, St. Joseph’s Academy, in Richmond, MI.  After graduating in 2002, he entered St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary and was ordained a priest on June 19, 2009.  Since his ordination he was stationed in the following locations:

  • Denver, CO for 6 years as an assistant priest while teaching in the academy there and traveling each weekend to numerous chapels around the nation
  • his first role as Principal was at Immaculate Heart of Mary Academy in Oak Grove, MN from 2015-2017
  • then he was transferred to his Alma Mater in Michigan for two years as Prior and Principal
  • in August 2017 he was sent to us as the Prior and Principal where he currently directs all operations for the Academy 

Fr. Nicholas Gardner

He hails from Idaho.  During most of his formation he was home-schooled, after which he went to college and worked in the world.  Receiving the grace to follow his vocation, he entered St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary in 2005 and was ordained a priest on June 15, 2012.  Since he ordination he was stationed at the following locations:

  • Nicholville, NY — traveling on the weekends for Mass and helping during the week at the Academy 
  • Ridgefield, CT where he taught in the Academy but also traveled to Long Island, NY for Mass on the weekends
  • in 2016 he was transferred to us here, where he assists the Academy as: Dean of Discipline, Chaplain for the Faculty, 9th & 10th Grade Girls Religion, 7th & 8th Grade Religion, and Physical Education Teacher 

Fr. Charles Deister

He hails from a military family in Kansas City, MO.  His formation was completed at our SSPX boarding school, St. Joseph’s Academy in Richmond, MI for two years and then graduated from La Salette Academy in Georgetown, Illinois (as the former school moved to the latter location) in 2006.  Father entered St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary in 2006 and was ordained a priest on June 13, 2014.  After his ordination he was stationed in Post Falls, ID where he assisted in the parish and academy — aside from his many hours of teaching he coached basketball and was the Athletic Director.  In August 2018 he was sent here to help in the following capacities:

  • Chaplain of Archconfraternity of St. Stephen 
  • Prefect of the Dormitory
  • Chaplain of Boys’ School 
  • 9th & 10th Grade Boys Religion
  • Latin I & II

Fr. Michael Brown

He hails from St. Mary’s, KS.  He received his education at St. Mary’s Academy where he graduated in 2007.  After one year at St. Mary’s College, he entered St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary in 2008 and was ordained a priest on June 12, 2015.  Father’s first assignment was at Our Lady of the Assumption in Walton, KY, where he assisted in the parish and in the academy — alongside his teaching duties he coached baseball — while traveling on the weekends to Pittsburgh, PA and Girard, OH where he was pastor.  In August 2017, Father was sent here to us and has assists the parish and academy in the following capacities while still traveling to Pittsburgh, PA as pastor of the chapel there:

  • Chaplain of Eucharistic Crusade
  • Chaplain of Girls’ School
  • Chaplain of Coaches  
  • Soccer Coach
  • 11th & 12th Grade Religion


Mr. Douglas Rowe, Vice Principal

Mrs. Cheryl Byrne, Treasurer

Mrs. Lisa Bobka, School Secretary

Mrs. Ann Hatty, Admissions

Mr. Thomas Rowe, Athletic Director

Mr. Loren Mader, Facilities Maintenance

Mrs. Debbie Massett, Academy Kitchen Manager

Mr. Tom Derowski, Grounds

Mr. Vincent Ferrelli, Educational Technology


Miss Clare Bryan: Music

Miss Kathryn Crozier: 3rd Grade

Miss Rita Goodwin: 6th Grade, Media Department Advisor

Miss Gwenolyn LaDuca: Girls Middle School Language Arts

Mrs. Eleanor Lenhard: 2nd Grade

Miss Constance Mader: Teachers Assistant

Miss Elizabeth McDonald:  4th Grade

Mr. Christian Melnick: Boys Middle School Language Arts, Math, Spanish

Mrs. Mary Page: Physics, Biology, Pre-calculus

Mr. Gregory Randazzo: History

Miss Antigone Ratajczak-Smith: Kindergarten

Mr. Douglas Rowe: Language Arts Department Head, English, History

Mr. Daniel Seyfried: History, Phys Ed

Miss Teresa Simonton: 1st Grade

Mr. Andrew Tucker, HHS Guidance Advisor: National Honor Society Advisor, English, Latin

Mrs. Christine Zallo: Pre-Algebra, Algebra II

Mr. Anthony Zapp: Science, Latin, Earth Science, Algebra I

Miss Jenna Zuno: 5th Grade